Artistic algorithmic packaging

I love this idea. Almost as much as I love eating the stuff.

When Fererro wanted to celebrate Nutella’s uniqueness, they worked with Ogilvy & Mather Italia to create some stand-out packaging.

Did they opt for a few limited edition labels?


They went for seven million of them.

Each one completely unique.

And all made possible by an algorithm.

To deliver Nutella’s one-of-a-kind packaging, the machine software drew from a database of thousands of colours and patterns – spotty, stripy, zig-zaggy, splotchy and beyond.

Not only did the resulting jars look brilliant – they also sold out within a month.

Of course, there were paranoid headlines: “Graphic designers beware! Nutella used a bot to design its packaging” said Lost at E Minor.

And “An algorithm has usurped the traditional role of a designer” claimed Dezeen.

But for me, this is a great example of a human idea made possible by machines.

Designers created patterns and chose colours that worked with the brand.

The algorithm served up millions of completely unique labels. A feat no design team could possibly have done on time, or on budget.

Together, they helped shift seven million jars of Nutella in a month.

What a team!

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