Tiny Giant’s (very short) year

Tiny’s Giant’s 2018 wasn’t a year at all. It was just 11 weeks.

But my goodness, did we make the most of it.

Since starting out on the 10th day of the 10th month, we’ve:

  • Launched a brand
  • Built a site
  • Entertained on social
  • Appeared on two podcasts
  • Talked in various European cities
  • Set up a South West A.I. event
  • Built two Alexa Skills
  • Created A.I cupcakes
  • Met loads of amazing people

We even picked up our first clients too.

Was it hard work? Yes.

Did we sleep very much? No.

Are we loving it? Hell yeah.

Take a look at our vid to see our year in a nutshell.


Thanks to everyone who’s helped us out, come along to our events, eaten our cakes – and collaborated with us. You’re amazing and we hugely appreciate your support.


Here’s to a brilliant 2019. Happy New Year all.


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